Thank you to our lovely midwives who guided us in the birth of our baby boy in September. I was pretty devastated to have to deliver in hospital after having an unmedicated home birth planned, but Gill, TJ and Ainslee made the experience such a positive one. Gill made me realise I could do it even when I had lost it and said I couldn’t, and TJ and Ainslee kept very ‘hands off’ as I delivered our beautiful baby boy in the pool! Ainslee, you will make a fantastic, compassionate midwife when you qualify, perhaps you’ll be around for baby Lipscombe no.2!

A special mention to Rachael and Pauline, the midwifery assistants, who ran me several baths whilst in labour and helped me with feeding our boy the next day!

An extended thank you to Mary, the community midwife for helping us with feeding on day 5, when or lb had lost 11% of his birth weight. She listened to me, understood I didn’t want to top up with formula, and helped us to cup feed our baby expressed milk until he latched properly. He’d gained 345g by day 8.

Thank you to Cath who diagnosed our lb’s tongue tie when I was losing hope with breast feeding and Christine for the continued support (and flapjacks!) every Monday at our local breast feeding group.

Thank you to Hannah Tostevin for providing the best antenatal care, answering all of my daft questions and being straight talking and honest with me.

I wouldn’t have had such a positive birth experience without the support of the ladies above, and I wouldn’t be successfully breast feeding our son now without the fantastic guidance of the ladies who were determined that I would succeed!

If any of you ladies in the midwifery team at Worthing hospital are reading this, I’m the lunatic who was convinced she was a squid on the gas and air, running from Bramber to delivery and asking everyone about cats and star signs, who then went on to deliver her baby in absolute silence…!

George born 9lb 9oz, now 18 weeks old and 22lb 9oz, the love of our lives!