I would like to say thank you to:

Marie (SCBU nurse at PRUH, Farnborough) for showing me how to care for my premature baby as a first time mum, and for caring for him when I could not be with him.

Jane Tyler (breast feeding councillor, Bromley) her encouragement, support and advice when I was at a really low point after being told my baby needed topping up with nutriprem. I had worked so hard to build up my supply and spent every night setting my alarm and expressing when he could not feed.

Her advice led to me exclusively breast feeding all 3 of my children and being a milk donor for SCBU.

The midwife that told me to always trust my instincts. Her words have served me well through all of my pregnancies.

Lida Capon( HV Beckenham was midwife at Kings college) for explaining the medical jargon to me from my notes, answering all my birth related questions and for being caring during my first 2 pregnancies.

Niamh O’Regan (my adopted HV from Beckenham) for her straight talking when I was sleep deprived and at the end of my tether and all other HVs would say “what do you think is best for your Baby” when all I wanted was to be told what do when my child wouldn’t sleep and had night terrors. For always taking the time to talk to me when I needed her even though I wasn’t her client.

Dr Ogunremi for providing me with continuity of care through out my second pregnancy, for always taking the time to come and see me whilst I was on bed rest in hospital for weeks and taking the time to answer my questions. For always understanding when I had discharged myself for a few hours to be with my son.

The student midwife that showered me, washed and plaited my hair after my second c section, for dressing me so I could look like mum when my son came to meet his new baby brother.

Anna Pall (HV was midwife at Kings college hospital) for giving me the courage to question the doctors reasons for a third and unnecessary caesarean. For telling me that I was able to give birth after 2 caesareans and for advising me to research. For being a great listener and pillar of support and for being a fiery feminist that always reminds me of my strength.

Kath Harbisher for always blessing me with her words of wisdom, for her constant support to me and hundreds of women. For explaining everything and anything to do with birth, life, emotions, women, anything, in a clear and concise way when things seem foggy, she gives me clarity. I really can’t thank her enough, she is the reason I believe in my ability to birth, when I felt like the world was against me she is always there solid as a rock. My VBAC guru Thanks Kath!

My three fairy god mothers, Cathy Walton, Teresa Arias and Charlotte Kuponiyi

All consultant midwives that have worked for KIngs College Hospital. All have believed in me, supported me, encouraged me and have been huge inspirations, I’m blessed to know them.

Fiona and Naomi from St Thomas EPGU for providing me with continuity, care when I needed it.

To all the fantastic women that have been huge inspirations, have taught me, encouraged me, supported me or maybe just blown me away with their determination, their story or their commitment to making the birth world a better place. Sheena Byrom Rebecca Schiller Milli Hill Mary Newburn Jen Trifle Clarke Jeannine Walsh Webster Laura James Shawn Walker Jackie Moulla Maddie McMahon Rachel Ellie Gardner Stuart James Fischbein Hannah Palamara, all the MatExp team and many many more.

You are all stars!