I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the midwives who have helped me through all three of my labours at Wishaw General Hospital.

Firstly to Anne-Marie Richardson and Sharon Mclellan Seeley who looked after my when I was in labour with my first baby, my daughter Emmy. It felt like forever and when you are in labour 30 hours is forever! But, we got there in the end. Emmy May Rogers was born at 8.44am on Wednesday 21st December 2011.

The birth of my second daughter was sadly a heartbreaking experience. We found out after a routine scan that our precious baby girls heart had stopped beating at 38+2 weeks. I so wanted the doctors to just take me for a c-section straight away but it wasn’t the way. After some medication, I went in to labour 36 hours later and we made our way to the hospital. It was awful knowing that we were going in to welcome our baby in to the word silently. One saving grace was that a lifelong family friend, Alison Stark, was on duty and looked after me during labour. Nell Isobel Rogers was born an angel on 14th January 2014. We were able to spend all of that day with Nell and Elaine Reid was our midwife during that time. Elaine took care of us all that day and although the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do was leave the hospital without our baby girl, we knew that Nell would be well looked after until we could see her again. We’ll always be grateful for that special time we had with Nell and for all that Elaine did for us. We just wish it could have been a lifetime.

After Nell, we didn’t think we would have any more children however we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow over the summer of 2014. Jude Archie Rogers was welcomed in to the world on 5th February 2015 after a very long and hard nine months. The care and support I received from the consultants, sonographers and midwives was nothing short of exceptional. I received fortnightly scans and tracings and was always encouraged to phone in if I had any concerns. I was induced two weeks early and during my labour, I was looked after by Margaret Bradley who stayed with me from the beginning of my labour until Jude was delivered. Margaret made sure I was relaxed as I could be and kept me sane when I was having a low moment.

Wishaw General Maternity Unit will always hold a special place in my heart and it’s the staff that makes it.

But there was one very special (retired) midwife who was with me every step of the way throughout all of my pregnancies and labours and that was my mum – Mary McGilvary – who is the best midwife ever in my eyes. There aren’t enough words to thank my mum for all that she has helped me through since deciding to have a family. I’ve had five pregnancies, given birth to three children and I got to take two of them home. I would never have got through it all without my mum.