I’d just like to post a huge Ty to all the staff at Dr Grays who were involved in my daughters dramatic birth on the 3rd of March 2014, unfortunately I had a cord prolapse and was rushed to theatre for an emergency section, the way that team worked together was amazing, from consultants, junior docs, midwives and auxiliaries….WOW, my midwife throughout my induction was the Lovley Lisa Hawkins, my consultant that day was Dr Mandy Hunter who I think I put the fear of God into, so sorry!!! A huge thank u really goes to u all but one person who I feel saved Maicie’s life was Kirstie Devine, I’ll never forget u doing wot u were trained to do.  Fiona Fowler, and Debbie McWilliam kept me calm, whilst we anxiously waited for me to be anaesthetised, I can’t remember who else was there as its a bit of a blur, Kirstie was fab two days later wen Maicie was transferred to Dundee, and kept in regular contact with the neonatal unit until I was well Enuff to travel, I thank u all.xx