Thanks to:

All the midwives from the Countess of Chester Hospital I came into contact with who were kind and sympathetic to me!

Consultants Mr McCormack and Mr Semple who dealt with my (benign) cystic teratoma. (The scar has healed very nicely thank you!)

Sharon Jones from the breastfeeding team on the post-natal ward who was so encouraging and patient. (I can’t remember anyone else’s name!)

Lisa Baddley (his first latch on at 6days old!) and Margaret from the breastfeeding support team.

Huge thanks to Dr Tiina Ashton for her help and support, particularly for my postnatal depression.

Biggest thanks, though, go to Denise O’Sullivan. Not only does she give amazing breastfeeding support and advice, she cares about you, the mother. Without her, I would have given up breastfeeding many times. Together, we battled with nipple shields, mastitis, and probably other things I have forgotten about! With her help, I exclusively breast-fed for 5 months and then combo-fed for another 2 months. I only stopped because of my pnd. She was incredibly supportive with my pnd too, and tried so hard to get me seen by someone, which certainly wasn’t within her remit. Denise, you’re amazing, thank you!