I have a lot of things I am thankful for to do with my children. Firstly I’d like to thank the midwife (Julie) who delivered my first daughter on New Years Day 2014 at Dorset County Hospital. Thanks to you we had such a positive experience. Then I’d like to thank Liz, Nichola and team for all the support postnatally when I struggled somewhat with becoming a new mum. My Health Visitor, Susan has been fantasic right from the start. Then thanks again to Liz and team who saw me through my second pregnancy which began only 5 months after Maisy was born. This time it wasn’t quite as straightforward, we had a lot of trouble with reduced movements. So thank you to all the DAU midwives who sometimes saw me twice a day when I couldn’t feel Poppy moving, never once did they sound frustrated. Thank you for reassuring me with a growth scan at 37 weeks after Maisy was a bit smaller than we expected. Thanks SO much to the midwife (didn’t get her name) who organised induction for me at 39+6, without that intervention I wouldn’t have known my placenta was failing badly. Poppy was born perfectly healthy after a good induction with two amazing midwives who communicated my wishes perfectly to the doctors. Then fantasic postnatal support saw me able to breastfeed my second child and helped me through a difficult time. At 11 weeks old Poppy contracted bacterial meningitis.. A massive thanks to doctor Fiona and her team on Kingfisher Ward at DCH for saving my baby’s life. You’ll never know how grateful we are!!