I gave birth to my 3rd baby a LG on 14/12/15 at Stoke Mandeville hospital on the delivery suite. My previous 2 labour’s had been very stressful, the first resulting in an emcs and the second a vbac under GA, so I was praying for a ‘normal’ delivery with no 3. There were several midwives through my labour, but I just wanted to give special thanks to the trainee midwife who actually delivery my LG. It was her 12th delivery and she was fantastic and clearly has the makings of a fantastic midwife. I can’t remember her name, but can picture her face very clearly. My OH joked that he thought baby would come flying out and she replies she hadn’t had a flier yet, well she did, literally had to catch my little girl she came out so quick. So thankyou. Thankyou to all midwives who have helped make magical moments even more magical for all us mums.