This is a photo of me and my eldest son Daniel when he was about 3 hours old. He was born by ELCS in 2012 at the Royal Maternity Hospital in Belfast. The midwife was Emma Graham and the consultant who performed the caesarean was Niamh McCabe. I was incredibly fortunate to be under Niamh in a future pregnancy but never got to say thanks to Emma and had written her a letter which I wanted to hand deliver then never got round to it. She was wonderful. Both Emma and Niamh made the section as family focused as possible and encouraged immediate skin to skin etc. We had an antenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome and various complications and an ELCS was my idea of a nightmare yet Emma made me very relaxed, took lots of photos on our fancy SLR camera and encouraged Daniel to latch on the breast in recovery (he was taken straight from theatre to NICU for a few hours) and encouraged me greatly about his ability to breastfeed – something I clung to later on when he struggling, he eventually got there at 6 weeks old. Daniel was readmitted to NICU and when Emma came to see me the next day I was a little dazed and never got to thank her properly. Daniel went on to make a full recovery. Our community midwife Claire Jones was also fab and kept us under her care as long as she could and spent about an hour one visit helping me get him to latch and her encouragement kept me going through exclusively pumping and eventually got us breastfeeding successfully until he was over a year old! These two midwives were fantastic and gave me very positive memories of a tough enough experience! Daniel is now a thriving 3.5 year old who brightens all our lives immeasurably!