Absolutely massive thanks to staff at Aberdeen maternity hospital for their wonderful care throughout induction, labour, birth, recovery, jaundice and my emotional meltdowns! being a ‘patient’ in my place of work was daunting but these people were completely fabulous and although it didn’t go to plan (!) I have nothing but positive and fond memories. particular thanks to Lori Mccrank, Kylie Williamson, Louise Grantham, Donna Devine, Laura Beattie, Chelsea Luff, Sarina Geddes, Diane Philip, Karen Hawcroft, Dr Rory Grierson, Dr Lena Crichton and Dr Peter Danielian, also to the community midwives who supported my initial plan for high risk homebirth- Bernie Prentice and Julie Spence. Corrie had a wonderful team looking after him and his mummy and daddy!