I would love the opportunity to say thank you to two very special people who had a huge positive influence on my experience of birth and who I’ll always be grateful to.

Anne Marie, one of the many wonderful midwives at Warrington Hospital, sat with me through the night after I’d had a home birth and been transferred to hospital with a retained placenta. Once i got to hospital I had a pretty bad time of it and my new born daughter was in neonatal. Anne Marie was amazing and i could cry just to think about what it meant to me to have this reassuring and understanding woman by my side. I felt like she genuinely cared about me.

Secondly (and not strictly a health professional but very important to me) Lisa Nield of Daisy Birthing who gave me the confidence not to fear birth, to believe in my ability to give birth naturally and ultimately to choose a home birth which i loved and am so grateful for.

Special women who were born to do what they do – thank you so very much xxx