I had the most amazing experience when I was pregnant and then delivered Beatrice who is now 19 months. I was looked after by the 1-1 midwife team in Sheffield and I cannot recommend them more highly. The main midwife who looked after me was Sarah Martin. I had a high risk pregnancy and wanted a home birth. She was supportive, patient, understanding and very very knowledgeable. I trusted her and when my waters broke and I didn’t actually start contracting she was able to offer advice on what to do and monitoring my temperature for signs of infection and didn’t want to give me unnecessary internal exams to avoid increasing the infection risk. As it happened my temperature did start to creep up so she recommended I go to Jessops to be induced. As I trusted her judgement I didn’t feel as devastated as I expect about not getting my home water birth.

She didn’t deliver my baby but she came to see me the next day then took care of all of our home visits after we got home. She was wonderfully supportive with my struggles to breastfeed (I had several blisters, cracked nipples and then mastitis) and when my baby was admitted to hospital due to her jaundice not improving Sarah was also on hand.

When I had to give Bea formula at the hospital as I wasn’t getting enough when I expressed and she was too poorly to latch Sarah was reassuring and supportive as I couldn’t stop crying and the guilt I felt for giving her formula was phenomenal (it was after this that I got mastitis, cracked and bleeding nipples and blisters that I decided to stop bf).

I now live in Canada and my husband is keen to have another baby but I don’t want to as I would only go through the difficult pregnancy with the level of care I had last time and I wont get that here. Maybe if we come back to Sheffield I’ll think about it