I would like to give thanks to community midwife Jane Knights for her fabulous banter and approachable nature that kept me relaxed and reassured through both my pregnancies. It meant a lot to know If I needed to I could phone someone so understanding and non judgemental.

I would like to thank midwife Hayley Hadfield for the safe arrival of my son in may 2012, she never batted an eyelid and always came in the room with a smile which helped me stay calm and focused!

Also a huge thank you to midwife Michelle calvert who safely delivered my daughter in September 2014. She really helped me feel in control and talked me through the final stages when the room started to fill up a bit!! I really feel if it wasn’t for her approach I would have needed an assisted delivery and I’m so very grateful to have avoided this.

There was also a carer working that day who was absolutely fantastic but unfortunately I didn’t catch her name. I will always be telling the story of arriving at labour ward and being met by her at the door. She took one at me and said your going to have a baby before making sure I was exactly where I needed to be and talking to me throughout. All these lovely people were at Barnsley general. Sorry for the Oscar style speech lol here’s a pic of my 2 now aged 3 and 16 months