On 18th November 2014 I had an absolutely amazing experience at Dr Grays maternity ward in Elgin, Moray in Scotland. I had a number of midwives who were just fantastic. So supportive and allowed me to progress on my own. The one who was with me from the majority of the day was a lovely blonde lady, who may have been called Lynne (I might be wrong)…Thank you for puting up with my gas and air ramblings, having to listen to the same playlist on repeat for 5+ hours and not taking it away from me! Then there were the two who came on shift at 5pm and saw that my birth plan said I wanted a water birth. You made my birth experience truly special by allowing me to use the pool. I think one was possibly named Lynsey (a blonde younger girl who also did all of my post birth clean up) but I cannot remember the other lady’s name. You allowed me to continue through my labour with the lights dimmed and my own play list playing and when my son was born you gave me time holding him before I had to get out of the pool. Thank you so much. Here are a few photos of the actual day (the two midwives that allowed me in the pool are kind of in them to help identify them), my son Joel as a newborn, , his first birthday, at Christmas and him today. Thank you for an amazing experience! Also a very special thank you to Elaine Morrison who was my community midwife at Moray Coast Medical practice in Lossiemouth for all of your pre natal advice and support and for making a special effort to visit Joel when he came home even though I should have already been handed over to the HV. You put my mind at ease so many times when I was worried about the birth and when he was breech quite close to his due date. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.