Wow. So much I’m thankful for….

Both pregnancies at Wythenshawe hospital, Manchester.

1st pregnancy… Thank you to who I think was called Margaret. She was the specialist screening midwife. More mature lady, Irish. She was very nice and I will never forget how kind and compassionate she was when dealing with very sensitive issues. Thank you to the all the staff at the FMU at St Mary’s in Manchester. Nothing but positive experience there.

Later in pregnancy, thank you to the lady whoever you are that was on the night shift on C3 in Wythenshawe hospital on sat 1st June 2013. You asked me how I was and I could tell that you really did care.

To all the staff on Wythenshawe NICU. Thank you for all your hard work and for the family room. Thank you to Tara or Tanya? You were the 1st person who helped me with my breastfeeding journey. Thank you to the breastfeeding support worker on children’s ward who helped me on Sunday 9th June and the days that followed. It was day 5 and still waiting for my milk to come in, you were there for me. Thank you to the male doctor who was so down to earth and helped me understand. Also apologies for my newborn son urinating on you!!


2nd pregnancy… Thank you to the community midwives for a totally different and nice experience. Thank you for understanding all my worries. Thank you to the consultant and specialist midwives who helped me with my emotional health during pregnancy. Thank you to all the consultants who were there, ready and waiting in delivery. Mostly thank you to the midwife who delivered, thanks to you, the consultants weren’t needed this time!

Final thank you to Rachel for being the kind soul that you are. You portray yourself in a way that when I honestly did not know where to turn, I knew I could reach out to you. That’s huge considering we’ve never met, or even spoke on the phone. Thanks to you I found the courage to accept my weaknesses and in turn gained strength.

Here are my blessings. Thomas Joseph born at 35 weeks in 2013 & Charlie Jacob born at term in 201