I had the most wonderful and supportive health visitor with my first two babies, she was such a positive lady and I was thoroughly disappointed to discover she’d retired just a few months before I welcomed my third baby into the world. Her name is Jenny Porter and I’d love a chance to express my heartfelt thanks for everything she did for me and my girls over the years.

Also I would really love to thank my amazing midwife on Labour ward in the Ulster maternity hospital with my 3rd baby born 30/06/15. She took my wishes on my birth plan into consideration, spoke to me like a human being and treated me with respect. She restored my faith and removed my fear that was instilled with my 1st experience. She even kicked the hubby out so she could take care of the suturing so he wouldn’t see me like that as she knew I was getting self conscious about the ‘spatch chicken’ position. The midwives on ward and in the community were equally good and really made me feel a lot less vulnerable this time around. Amazing ladies indeed and exactly what a birthing /new mum needs.