Who would we like to thank? Community midwife Helen Rawlings (voice of reason and honesty), Kate Empson – my rock(at the time, amazing, superhero, student midwife doing follow-through-care, now fully qualified and still being super), Linda Evans (midwife and lactation consultant running breastfeeding workshops and giving guidance so that we are STILL breastfeeding nearly 3 yrs later) Jean Pemberton (senior midwife on duty, I think), another student midwife (whose name sadly eludes me, who did lots of monitoring on the night), Dr Mac Massood for making choices, a whole team of people who manually removed my placenta when it wouldn’t budge, more amazing midwives who completed mountains of paperwork..Charlotte (midwife) for looking after us on recovery ward for almost 3 days.. Kate Empson again for being by my side and making things work. Edited to add: loads more people I’d forgotten! Particularly Louise Freespirit offering help and advice at groups and my 12 breastfeeding buddies from Linda’s class