I would like to thank my amazing Midwife and friend Kathryn Archer for being the most amazing support I could possibly imagine throughout my 2nd pregnancy and birth.

I had an extremely traumatic first birth and suffered from PTSD, so second time around I wanted to avoid that as much as possible!

Sharon Playle and Sue Krost are amazing Midwives and helped me with hypnobirthing and controlling my fear throughout pregnancy, and Kat supported me all the way throughout my pregnancy. She gave me the best advice and listened to everything I wanted and needed.

My son was born by gentle c section, and I want to thank consultants, Mrs Ruth Mason who put an incredible plan in place for my birth, and Miss Jenny Lo who went out of her comfort zone to provide me with the birth experience I needed in order to emotionally heal from my previous birth. I also want to thank Fiona Churchill who was the co-ordinator on that day, for bringing me gas and air when I needed it and protecting my modesty

and the whole theatre team including the wonderful MA’s!

But most importantly, Kat was there the whole time, holding my hand and hugging me when I needed it, and crying with me with anticipation and love! Thank you to you all at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for being so amazing!