I would like to thank:

Brendan George, the most amazing NICU nurse at the Royal London Hospital. You made a devastating situation more bareable. The way you cared for our baby & us was exceptional. We will never forget you.

Mr Simon Phelps, surgeon at the Royal London Hospital. I have never met anyone like you, no ego for your life saving work. You trusted in us & we trusted in you.

To Lynn, my most favourite paediatric surgical nurse, Royal London Hospital. You became my friend in those isolating weeks. You listened, you understood, you saw us. I hope all your plans became a reality. You deserve it.

To Charlotte Easton, community midwife in Hertfordshire. Thank you for trusting me. Your guidance made it possible to have our third child at home, calmly. An experience we cherish.

I hope your families know how special you are. Xx