I have thanked her in person, but I would like to publicly thank Gloria Green working at St George’s Hospital in London. A tireless, wonderful midwife working in the home birth team. Unfortunately she could not be present at my daughter’s actual moment of birth, but she provided brilliant antenatal and postnatal care. Genuinely woman-focused, individualised care. I have now been accepted onto a midwifery degree and look up to Gloria as an example to follow. Thank you Gloria x

There is also one other person, but I don’t know her name. She would have been working in the paediatric ward of St George’s in January 2013 when my son was readmitted to hospital for jaundice and given phototherapy. She was a healthcare assistant. She made time to visit, ensure we had everything we needed, and gave me space to talk or be silent. Just something about her made me feel like she truly cared and that it was more than “just a job”. She also ensured she visited us to say goodbye before she went home and I wish I’d said then how much I felt like she had helped us, but I was feeling so overwhelmed. So, thank you for making a horrid time that bit more bearable xxx