I am eternally grateful to Alison Shilton (MW at FPH Surrey) for her help and support with our 1st child and her willingness to move heaven and earth to support us at our 2nd birth. She was and is to us a significant and lasting part of our birth experience. At a time when hypnobirthing was barely known she had the knowledge and respect to support us, and when I needed wise counsel and strength (she and my birthing partners as a team) were the strength I didn’t have.

Whilst we were all set and planned to return to Alison our son decided our ensuite floor without medics was a better option. However Richard and Stuart of SECAMB were racing to help, shortly followed by two midwives (who started shift early just to try to get to us) Helen and Sarah who cover Fleet (Hampshire). I well up thinking of how lovely and kind they were (and how they all were most concerned to protect my bedroom carpets and my dignity, when at the time those details did not seem important to me, on reflection it’s the small touches that do matter.)

Lastly to Dr Lewis and the team at Surrey GP for truly understanding hyperemisis and doing more than words can say to get my baby and I through pregnancy when another doctor simply dismissed by 20 plus voms a day as a little morning sickness and my employer was less than sympathetic. She was the shield of strength and support around me.

It would be remiss of me not to also thank our doula, our amazing, caring, wise doula. For all we learned, for her support through both pregnancies and births. Wendy Wood a legend, and forever a wonderful part of both journies, thank you for being you.

Much love and thanks to them all, every day, always xx