A huge thanks is due to my Early Intervention Health Visitor, Jayne Thorpe, in Lambeth (London). Jayne was assigned to me after I was discharged from the Bethlem MBU. My baby was three months old but for much of that time I was psychotic and severely mentally ill. So I was starting from scratch as an anxious new mum and petrified in many ways of motherhood. Jayne patiently built up my confidence and became a very welcome presence in our life. She weighed the baby, advised on feeding, praised our sleep routine, reassured me on everything from his scalp to toenails. I honestly couldn’t have been without her – I feel sorry that not everyone has this intensive form of HV and instead has to trek to the baby clinics! Sadly the service is funded only up to 12 months postpartum, so we had to say Goodbye. But she left me a much more confident, practical and adventurous mum. Thanks Jayne!